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A Fine Eye for Fine Jewellery

Carabez is renowned for its uncompromising standard of excellence in jewellery design and manufacture.

Carabez bespoke jewellery has forged a tradition of collections and signature pieces,designed and handmade by master craftsmen using traditional techniques whilst sourcing the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Each beautiful piece of jewellery is made partnership with the client, ensuring a perfect individual creation that will last for generations.

Carabez offers expert advice on selecting diamonds and making exquisite handcrafted diamond pieces and creations for discerning people like you.

Bronwyn Carabez

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Carabez began her career over 20 years ago working at one of Australia’s most prestigious jewellers. Her unparalleled skills in design and extensive knowledge of diamonds created masterpieces that proudly sit amongst the finest jewellery creations in Australia.

In 1997 Bronwyn founded Ashwyn Designs and from humble beginnings created her first jewellery range. Over the years, Ashwyn Designs have manufactured more than 5000 pieces of fine jewellery.

In 2001 Bronwyn was named one of the Top 7 Jewellers in Australia by Autore South Sea Pearls.

Working alongside her peers, creating masterpieces for Autore South Sea Pearls in collaboration with Australian fashion designers, Bronwyn was chosen to design with Collette Dinnigan the ‘jewel in the crown’ for Australian Fashion Week: a pearl and diamond lariat. Bronwyn went on to design the initial collection of pearl jewellery for Autore South Sea Pearls.

In 2010 Bronwyn launched Carabez. With her reputation expanding globally, international clients in USA, UK, Ireland, Turkey and China are now treasuring their one-of-a-kind jewelled pieces.

Carabez continues to provide superior quality jewellery design, gemstones and master crafting, guaranteeing many exquisite Carabez jewels will continue to shine all over the world.

“Bronwyn is an amazingly talented jeweller and designer whose expertise and integrity are apparent the moment you meet her. I am more than happy to recommend her work, she creates the most beautiful and stunning jewellery every time.”

–Rhonda Tyrrell – Coach and Information Specialist